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Polerouter Bracelets and Strap Buckles

Polerouter Bracelets and Strap Buckles

This table contains information on the various steel bracelets which were available as original fitment for Universal Geneve Polerouters. As yet, we are yet to find evidence that any Steel “bumper” (138ss) Polerouter was offered with anything but leather straps and signed buckles.

There appears to be 3 main buckle types which were offered chronologically with Polarouters/Polerouters: Type 1; Type 2; and Type 3. These buckles are most commonly found for 14 mm strap ends, but also for 16 mm strap ends.

It is not an exhaustive list, as there were also a number of JB Champion bracelets which are also seen in the Vintage Advertising section. We do not know yet if they were only available to the US-markets, or internationally.

18 karat gold UG-signed bracelets were also available, though these appear to be very rare.

Bracelet TypeDate RangeEndlinks CodeWidth (mm)Reference Fitment
Gay Freres 1 (Bricklink - stretch)1958-65UX19Polerouter Microtor - large case
Gay Freres 1 (Bricklink - stretch)1958-65C18Polerouter Microtor - small case
Gay Freres 1 (Bricklink - stretch)1958-65U22Polerouter Sub (20369 and 204615)
Gay Freres 2A (Ricegrain)1965-70UC18Polerouter 869113/115/119
Gay Freres 2A (Ricegrain)1965-70UT18Polerouter 869113/115/119
Gay Freres 2A (Ricegrain)1965-70UL18Polerouter NS (also fits above models)
Gay Freres 2A (Ricegrain)1965-70UP20Polerouter Super
Gay Freres 2A (Ricegrain)1965-70UW19Compax / Tri-Compax
Gay Freres 2B (Ricegrain - extension/locking clasp)1965-70UM20Polerouter Sub (869109 onwards) / Space-Compax
Gay Freres 2B (Ricegrain - extension/locking clasp)1965-70UB22AeroCompax / Jumbo Compax
Gay Freres 2B (Ricegrain - extension/locking clasp)1965-70UZ18.8869114, 871107, 872109, Unisonics
Gay Freres 2C (Ricegrain - Unisonic logo on locking clasp)1965-70(integrated)(n/a)Unisonic Sub
Gay Freres (70s, non-polerouter)1971+UF18White Shadow, Dark Shadow
JB Champion7619Unisonic
JB Champion(n/a)18Assorted
Gay Freres 3 (Ladies - Ricegrain)1965-70UDPolerouter Sub 825604 (ladies)
Gay Freres 3 (Ladies - Ricegrain)1965-70UR12Polerouter 825602 (ladies)
Gay Freres 3 (Ladies - Ricegrain)1965-70US13Polerouter 825603 (ladies)