Polerouter Display Casebacks

Polerouter Display Casebacks

The Universal Geneve microtor calibers were not just functional, technological achievements that formed the beating heart of Polerouters from the 1950s to 1970s. The 215, 218, 68 and 69 based calibers are a thing of beauty, and were intricately decorated with an attractive Côtes de Genève (Geneva striping) finish to the plates. The high level of quality and detail put into the construction of these movements means they were meant to be put on show. Sadly vintage Polerouters were never produced with display casebacks.


Warren at Spiralwinder Watch Parts has designed and is now producing limited quantities of display casebacks for various different Polerouter references. Theyre custom made from stainless steel with a sapphire glass, and are a direct replacement for original Polerouter casebacks. 

Aside from being able to easily show off the microtor caliber, installing a display caseback can also help to preserve your original caseback. Often the Polerouter logo, and/or the reference and serial numbers can wear away from polishing or even just general use – and we raised this as a potential issue to look out for in our Polerouter Buyers Guide. Currently the sapphire display casebacks are being produced to fit the following references: 20368, 20365, 204605, 204607, 204610, 869111, and 869102. Casebacks to fit more references will be added in the coming months.

For UK and European destinations, send a message through our website contact form HERE.
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