Introducing The Polerouter Reference App

A short overview by the app creator, Andy Rogers

Introducing The Polerouter Reference App

Imagine this situation: you’re standing in a packed Watch Fair and you’ve seen a watch that have you been coveting for six months. It’s a Polerouter. It’s beautiful. It’s in your hands, the price sounds reasonable, and you want it. You’ve spent time researching models on, but it’s a lot of information to keep in your head, and you can’t quite remember all the fine details of this specific model reference. 

The first fear sets in – what if some parts have been replaced incorrectly? What if it’s a redial? Is that the right crown? You know the best idea is to double check with the website, but there’s no phone or Wi-Fi signal inside.

The second fear sets in – if you put it down to go and find signal, someone else may snatch it. 

This situation was one I found myself in back in 2019 when I was at a watch fair in the middle of nowhere in the UK.  I found a great-looking Polerouter 20368-1, with a black dial that didn’t seem to come up for sale too often.

I had to gamble and buy it without checking, which led to a very nervous wait until I could find phone signal on the way home. Luckily, most of the watch was correct. There were only a couple of small discrepancies, but I definitely could have used these to negotiate on the price.

I reflected on my situation, and wondered if my gamble had gone the other way. I knew that there must be a way to get all that information from the Polerouter Reference website onto my phone and be usable without needing an Internet connection. I have a background in software development, so creating a mobile app with all of the Polerouter information seemed the obvious solution.

I discussed it with Adam (Hamblar, the creator of, and six weeks and 200 man hours later the first version of the Polerouter App was released onto the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store. 

  • Polerouter Reference App on two phones
  • Polerouter Reference App

The app works simply by doing an initial sync of the data and images over Wi-Fi, and then saving this to your device. This allows for all of the apps content to work offline, which is updated around every 2 months or so, with the latest information from the Polerouter Reference website.

Better yet, it’s free to download and use, and with no adverts.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest App developments, or have some suggestions for improvements, please follow and message Hamblar or myself, 1010Timepieces, on Instagram.

Happy Hunting!

Andy Rogers – 1010Timepieces, The Polerouter Reference App creator.

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Available for iPhone and Android
Polerouter app

Collectors Note: The “Microtor only” dials

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The Polerouter Reference App

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