Code of Conduct

Please read this page before registering with The Marketplace. Here, we describe what The Marketplace is, how to use it and our Code of Conduct.

You must agree to our Code of Conduct when registering as a user of The Marketplace.

What is The Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a community space provided by The Polerouter Reference Website ( In The Marketplace, users can publish advertisements for items they wish to sell and items they want to find or buy. 

It is free to create a profile and to post ads in The Marketplace. The Marketplace will never ask you to provide payment details.

How do I contact an author of an advert?

You must be registered and logged in to view full ads and to contact other registered users who have posted ads.

Registered users can contact the author of an advert, using the contact form provided. This contact form sends an email (via The Marketplace) to the author of the advert from a registered user.

After this first contact email, all other correspondence between registered users is through their own email accounts. The Marketplace does not provide a chat or messaging facility, beyond this initial contact email. 

Can I pay for items via the Marketplace?

No. We do not handle sales (or refunds) on behalf of registered users. We do not provide any payment facility at all. The marketplace allows registered users to place advertisements only. It is up to the registered users to decide how to arrange their sales or refunds. We accept no liability for sales-related disputes between registered users.

How do I dispute the accuracy of an advert?

The Marketplace admin checks and approves all adverts before they are published. Registered users agree to abide by the Code of Conduct below, which stipulates that all adverts are accurate to the best of the author’s knowledge.

However, we accept no responsibility for the accuracy of adverts posted by registered users.

Any disputes over the accuracy of adverts that resulted in a sale, must be dealt with between the users. If you believe that a registered user has violated the Code of Conduct by posting misleading or inaccurate adverts, please contact the side admin and we will look into it. Users who continue to post misleading or inaccurate adverts may have their accounts suspended.

The Marketplace Code of Conduct

When registering a profile in The Marketplace, you agree to the following:

  1. I agree that registered site users can contact me using the email address provided during registration.
  2. I understand that if I wish to reply to a registered site user, I must do so via my own email account. Upon doing so, the registered user will see my email address.
  3. I will not post my email address or telephone number in my adverts. I understand if I do this, my advert will be rejected by The Marketplace admin.
  4. I will only post accurate information in my adverts and I will not knowingly mislead other registered users by posting inaccurate or false information.
  5. I will only post non-copyrighted images, or images for which I have permission to post publicly from the copyright holder.
  6. I will be respectful and polite to other registered users and site admin. I will not be abusive.
  7. I understand that violating one or more of the above may result in my account being suspended and I may be blocked from rejoining.