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Bracelets And Straps

Bracelet TypeDate RangeEndlinks CodeWidth (mm) 
Gay Freres 1 (Bricklink)1958-65UX18.5-18.8Polerouter Bumper and large case microtors
C18Polerouter Microtor
U22Polerouter Sub (series 1)
Gay Freres 2A (Ricegrain)1965-71UC18Polerouter 869113/115/119
UT18Polerouter 869113/115/119
UL18Polerouter NS (also fits above models)
UP20Polerouter Super
UW19Compax / Tri-Compax
Gay Freres 2B (Ricegrain – extension/locking clasp)1968-72UM20Polerouter Sub (series 2) / Space-Compax / Aero-Compax
Gay Freres 2C(integrated)Unisonic Sub
JB Champion7619Unisonic
JB Champion18